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The Arizona Summit on Civic Engagement and Volunteerism is an opportunity for volunteer and civic engagement leaders to inspire, energize and mobilize volunteer and civic engagement practitioners to further develop their skills and to better serve Arizona’s community needs through a collaborative effort.

2019 Governor's Volunteer Service Awardees

Building a Better Arizona through Volunteerism

Arizona’s only statewide event dedicated to deepening, elevating, and supporting the state’s extensive networks of community volunteer and civic engagement leaders and programs, the Arizona Summit on Volunteerism and Civic Engagement provides the opportunity for individuals and groups to further develop and foster their skills to better serve Arizona’s community needs.

The Summit consists of engaging plenary speakers, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities designed to inspire, energize and mobilize civic engagement leaders of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

in 2018, over 540 volunteer and community leaders attended the Summit, representing 48 communities and 184 organizations. The 70+ workshops sessions emphasized, skill-building, professional development opportunities and featured thought-provoking innovative exemplary programs and awareness-raising issue forums.

The Summit has awarded over $31,000 in grants to participants over the last five years. Allowing attendees the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned at the Summit and to create volunteer and civic engagement projects in their own communities.


The 2019 Summit was…

“A great way to connect everyone doing similar work, and strengthening my understanding of the service network in Arizona.”

“Eye-opening and inspiring.”

“Very informative - Great resources and networking opportunities.”

“A wonderful experience that gave me great new tools!"