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What is volunteerism?

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Volunteering and Civic Life in Arizona

  • 24.41% of residents volunteer
  • 1.19 million volunteers
  • 159.5 million hours of service
  • $3.6 billion in service contributed
  • 58.5% of Arizonans engage in informal volunteering
Do Something

 “The best chance we have to fully meet needs and effectively address community issues is through collaboration and collective action.”
*Arizona Today and in the Future

  • Consider what you have to give and why; what skills to do you have to share?
  • Find activities in which to engage that you will find meaningful; consider participating in short-term volunteer projects, joining up for the long haul or something in between.  
  • Identify local volunteer opportunities/worthy organizations of interest to you – talk with friends, scan the newspaper, search online
  • Be clear about expectations and commitment
  • Start small; provide immediate service and get to know the organization
  • Be persistent.  The energy you bring will determine the quality of your experience!
  • Have fun!